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Those of us who are old enough to remember the SMJR lines in steam
days might be tempted to say that you only ever saw 4Fs or 8Fs,especially east of Woodford. By the ‘60s these would have almost exclusively have been Northampton locos. B

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‘”You have to spend so much time down here, you might as well work for the railway!” pronounced Blakesley stationmaster Eddie Blandford. So I gave it my consideration and successfully applied for a job as porter at Towcester station. ‘




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Councillor Bill Kendall


Councillor Bill Kendall is proud to be the oldest man in ourvillage and has served continuously on our Parish Council for 38
years. He was born and bred in the village and retains the lovely,
attractively strong loca

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The Northampton & Banbury Junction Railway opened a station on the new main line at Blisworth and on May 1st 1866 ran the first train to Towcester. The following years saw the line push-on to Banbury, joining the L&NWR's Verney Junction line at Cockl
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Please put your name down here if you think you would be able to come. Can you also list any SMJ items you might be able to bring along for the day as exhibits.

I am giving you a

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Aston Le Walls was a small platform halt 2 miles and 10 chains west of Byfield station. Very few images exist of the halt with its tracks in situ.The following shot was taken in the 80's and has been supplied by Barry Taylor The following map shows t
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Production began in 1873 in connection with the development & erection of Towcester Furnaces, which consisted of two rotary furnaces of around 4 ton capacity, that were the pioneers of the
Siemens Direct Reduction Process of making steel.In 18
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Contents and Labels with thanks from John Cosford

Click below to find out about CAD KIneton's Locomotives

CAD Kineton Locomotives 1952 - 1960.doc


(Source: “British War Department Locomotives 1952 – 1960”
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Ever keen to steal amarch on the competitors, namely the G.W.R, the L.M.S. thought to tap into Stratford-Upon-Avon’s tourist potential. They bought a large house near the town and named it the ‘Welcombe Hotel’, introducing specials from Bl

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SMJ/LMS Documents


Most of these documents are in .pdf format so requireAcrobat Reader which is free!
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between 40 + 120kb's in size (Click
if your PC hasn't a copy of that

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The Railway Enthusiasts Club ran a rail tour on April 24, 1955, under the headboard The South Midlander. It came on to the S&MJR at Fenny Compton an

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