‘The Stratford Upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway’ (or S.M.J.) was a small independent railway company which ran a line across the empty, untouched centre of England. It visited the counties of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and a little of Buckinghamshire, only existing as the SMJ from 1909 to 1923. In 1923 the S.M.J.became a minor arm of the London Midland and Scottish (L.M.S.), then in 1948 'British Railways' 

Gone but not forgotten: "the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth"


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Footage of the SMJR

Hello, I found your forum searching for the SMJR. I've just uploaded a digitised version of old cine film footage of the line to my Youtube channel. I will be selling the original Hillside cine film soon along with a few others I've collected…Continue

Started by G Essex Random Railways on Monday.

Binton station plans 2 Replies

Hi!I recently discovered this article on Binton station building in the now long defunct magazine ‘Model Railways’ from 1976. It includes a full plan which might encourage someone to model this simple station.Does anyone have access to, or know of a…Continue

Started by Martin Bromage. Last reply by Martin Bromage May 8.

Black & White photos of the SMJ 1 Reply

HelloMy name is Mick Baker and i have recently joined your society.A friend of mine Nigel Hadlow, has taken several thousand black & white photosof railways around the country.With a little help from me with my limited computer skills, i have…Continue

Started by Mick Baker. Last reply by Peter S Lewis Mar 29.

Station Masters

Stationmasters_Revised_January_2022.xlsxChris Hillyard on the Facebook Group "Railways Of Northamptonshire and…Continue

Started by Graham Ward Feb 7.

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At 20:43 on June 16, 2014, Bill Glew said…

Hi Peter. Thanks. Unfortunately my only link with the line was that I cam across the track bed not far from Fenny Crompton when I was on an outward bound cpout5rse back in the early 80's and got interested in finding out a bit about the line then. Then I happened to meet with Arthur Jordon in 86 when he visited my works and we chatted a bit about the line then. Rather sadly I can't find the photos I took of the site at Byfield station at the time but as I recall they weren't very informative anyway. Have always planned to build a model of Byfield but never got around to it so far. Maybe this will be the spur to action I need. Bill

At 10:39 on April 20, 2014, Simon Stevens said…

Thanks for the welcome Peter, the Broom history group have a large collection of photos related to the village and are in the process of cataloguing them but hadn't found many railway ones when they held their most recent display. I did say that there would be lots of interest in them!



At 14:28 on April 5, 2014, Ian Clark said…
Hello Peter,

I have an interest in joint lines that link one railway system with another, such as between Halesowen and Longbridge. I am a member of the Stephenson Locomotive Society and have developed an archive of SLS Special Trains for the Society. I am therefore interested in the various tours that have passed over SMJ metals and nearby such as at Woodford Halse.
At 11:50 on February 21, 2014, Brian Porteous said…

Hello Peter,

The only connection I have with the old line is that I stayed in Helmdon for a week in the 1980's and was intrigued by the line.  Now retired I have time to find out a bit more about this fascinating line.

Best wishes,


At 18:03 on October 31, 2013, Nigel Digby said…

Hi Peter, I did a livery painting of the SMJ several years ago for British Railway Modelling, and talked about starting an SMJ Society with Simon Dunkley. I am very glad that I found this site when I saw the other Nigel's photo of the concrete signal post at Lloyd's siding. I am very interested in concrete signal posts, as it may well turn out that the post was made at Melton Constable (M&GN). Nigel

At 9:43 on August 4, 2013, Ron Perry said…

Thank you, Peter, I'm sure I shall! I have no artefacts or photos from the SMJ to share, but I do have interest and enthusiasm.

At 13:32 on June 30, 2013, Ian Costello said…

Yes Peter - my Great Grandfather was William James Costello - trainer pictured here standing beside Rubio at Danebury Manor with my Grand father aged 5 siting on the horse.

At 9:04 on June 12, 2013, Roger Whiffin said…

Hello and thank you Peter

I found some things, but I could do with more on the Towcester station.

I see the comments from George Woodcock that he will be doing a model of it set mid 70s, someone else I know was looking at doing one set in the mid-50s.

I am puzzled though by one picture said to be Towcester station frontage in 1953, Coronation year.

Although very fuzzy, I am sure that all those station information boards outside are showing LMS - over 5 years after it became British Railways and by then everything would have had the new logos.  Unless of course the date is wrong and it was actually that of a pre-war Coronation photo.

Roger Whiffin

At 11:19 on June 4, 2013, George Woodcock said…

Hello Peter


    Thank-you very much for the welcome. I have had an interest in the lost railwaysa of Northmptonshire for many years as I grew up at Brixworth Station on the old Northampton to Mkt Harborough line. My friend John Norton and I are buildfing an exhibition model railway layout of Towcester where he lives. In our case we have taken a few liberties with history because although the station, and the line, closed in 1964 our version suppose that it did not close but carried on and indeed prospered. We have set our layout in 1977 and although we have rationalized the sidings most of the structures are still in place though the station is a private house and the goods shed is also in private hands. The signal box is still in use and there are still semaphore signals although not so many of them. The old line to Olney has been retained as far as Salcey forest for the movement of timber. The other main difference is that it is the line to Banbury that is still open and the Stratford line that has closed. The layout debuts at the Stafford Model Railway Exhibition in Feb 2014. I hope people will not be offended with the changes we have made but it is meant as a tribute to the line and the town of Towcester. I have past form for this as I have previosly built a layout based on Brixworth station , this time set in 1998 as if  it had not closed. once again thanks for the welcome.





At 16:58 on May 20, 2013, Justin Tuttle said…

Thank you for the warm welcome.

At 12:25 on January 1, 2013, Stephen Dawson said…

Thanks Peter.

 Joined up to find out about Salcey Forest station. Moved to Hartwell in 2012 and have come across the old railway line on many of our local walks, so i thought i'd see if i can find the old Salcey Forest station remains. Will start looking soon.

At 17:30 on December 28, 2012, Nicholas Watson said…

Thanks for the welcome Peter. I don't have much knowledge about SMJR but I look forward to finding out about what seems to be a quirky railway.

At 9:07 on December 15, 2012, daniel pettman said…

many thanks Peter, what a great site.  

At 20:35 on December 1, 2012, Rob Davidson said…

Thank you Peter, it looks quite interesting, Rob

At 19:02 on November 17, 2012, Dr Francis Dalrymple-Hamilton said…

Thanks Peter. I gather that there is an article about the SMJ in the Railway magazine for 1956 can you say if it is a good one or not.

At 16:59 on November 10, 2012, Greg Scott said…

Thanks Peter!

At 9:50 on January 19, 2012, Ian Farey said…

Very. It`s a line that should`ve been a useful alternative route. An avoiding line for the Birimingham area.

I did know a couple of railwaymen from the Loco Shed at Stratford,sadly,now no longer with us.

At 15:22 on April 4, 2011, Adam Moore said…

Hello, many thanks for the warm welcome. I am delighted to find a group of like minded people who care about "my" railway!

Alas, I am to young to have any stories to tell, photos to show or

memories to recall. I live near coventry, so my bit is the stretch between Fenny Compton and Stratford. Some parts of the track

are barely visible, others are quite clear, but all of it is fast being

eroded by "progress".

Look forward to reading all your contributions.

Regards, Adam.

At 12:58 on March 26, 2011, Jack Thompson said…

Hi Peter,

Just looked at your SMJ pics.   Good shots.

One day someone, who knows Photoshop really well, will superimpose the outline of locos etc. onto some of your location shots.   It will be quite tricky though won't it ?

We both enjoyed the WSR..  I hope to get some of my pics. onto S/T with Andy's assistance.

Cheers,   Jack.

At 19:55 on March 15, 2011, Jack Thompson said…
Nice words Peter, thanks. Will we see you at the WSR at the weekend ? Jack.

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