‘The Stratford Upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway’ (or S.M.J.) was a small independent railway company which ran a line across the empty, untouched centre of England. It visited the counties of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and a little of Buckinghamshire, only existing as the SMJ from 1909 to 1923. In 1923 the S.M.J.became a minor arm of the London Midland and Scottish (L.M.S.), then in 1948 'British Railways' 

Gone but not forgotten: "the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth"


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Turntable at Burton Dassett 2 Replies

As part of my research prior to creating a model of the EHLR/SMJ junction at Burton Dassett, I’ve just had the privilege of looking through the original notes and letters produced by Eric Tonks whilst writing his 1948 book “The Edge Hill Light…Continue

Started by Mark Reader. Last reply by Mark Reader 4 hours ago.

The SMJR Great War Roll of Honour 11 Replies

Many of you will be aware that in common with all other railway companies the SMJR lost many of its employees for all or part of the Great War as the patriotic duty to volunteer was overwhelming.  Railwaymen were technically exempt but many chose to…Continue

Tags: of, Honour, Roll, War, SMJR

Started by John Jennings. Last reply by Simon Stevens Dec 15, 2017.

Broom Junction station site for sale

Great opportunity for an SMJ enthusiast perhaps.  I'm not sure what you could actually do with this site though!…Continue

Started by Simon Stevens Dec 11, 2017.

Ravenstone Wood as three way junction?

A close analysis of the 1945 RAF aerial photographs available in the historical imagery resource on Google Earth has provided evidence that Ravenstone Wood was probably a three-way junction during the latter part of WW2 and for an unknown period of…Continue

Started by Dave Hayward Nov 24, 2017.


Hi allI'm pleased to announce that the first volume of my history of…Continue

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Fenny Comptn

HelloI purchased the book « Track Layout Diagrams of the Great Western Railway and B.R. (W.R.) section 29 » « Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Jcn Rly » by R.A.Cooke ISBN 10 :1 871674 20 4N page 29/9 on the 1903 track plan it shows a goods shed at…Continue

Started by Jack Freuville Oct 16, 2017.

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At 16:25 on September 1, 2015, david Irving said…

Thank you Peter,

I've had a general interest in local railways for quite sometime now (I live in Coventry) but have only recently been interested in the SMJ


I am currently making an 00 1:76 railway model of Binton station during its LMS period

At 6:43 on August 15, 2015, Tanya Jackson said…

Hiya Peter,

I included  links to the pics in my Public Dropbox in my first post. Can you access them? If not I will email them to you.

I will have a look at Steam Tube - sounds interesting.

best wishes


At 23:22 on August 14, 2015, Tanya Jackson said…

Guilty as charged, Peter!

I am also the owner of the LMS group on Yahoo!

The reason I have joined this group - beyond simple interest in the SuA&MJct Railway - is to seek the answer to a mystery. We have had a roll film donated to the HMRS which contains photographs taken between Evesham and Turvey. On the film is a mystery element that our picture detectives cannot place. Someone has produced a picture of the same or similar ironwork at Shanklin on the Isle-of Wight, but I believe that the initials shown read T-R-O - Towcester, Roade and Olney Junction Railway. Please see the links below;




Best wishes



At 21:50 on July 10, 2015, Mike Clarke said…

Peter could you please send me another email address, mail@smj.me just bounces back

Mike Clarke


At 21:34 on June 23, 2015, Mark harriot said…

no links that i know of yet. i believe my ancestors come from the area blakeley and i am a steam fan. i am having a G3 steam engine built and in my dreams would like to feature it on a station layout of interest/relevance to me...... so poss smj....... i am still researching .......

ps - i am very clunky at these blog/ forums ... so dont expectinteraction  and convo!!  i struggle to log on!!!  

i will try and visit the 'line' soon - my sister lives at stratford.

all good wishes


At 19:24 on June 16, 2015, Mark Cranston said…

Hello Peter. Many thanks for the welcome. To be honest I have a 'side door ' interest. I am a collector of Scottish bricks and all related subjects, including where they were used. I often get emails from Railway enthusiasts who find bricks around Railway Station, tunnels and platforms etc. I know one of your members, Alwyn,  has previously had interest in a Dubs & Co brick which is very interesting. I would to hear from anyone on this subject. I appreciate this is off topic but it is related due to the amount of bricks that the rail industry used, particularly historically speaking.

At 17:03 on April 5, 2015, Paul Parsons said…

Whoops, sorry about the greengrocer's apostophe in 'its'!

At 17:01 on April 5, 2015, Paul Parsons said…

Does the Society exist purely in virtual space or does it ever have meetings or events? Are there any museums of collections holding SMJ ephemera and artefacts? Seems a shame that it's history and local importance is so little appreciated. 

At 22:16 on March 31, 2015, Paul Parsons said…

My interest is merely that I have lived in the area for 20 years, first near Edgehill, then Banbury and now in Brackley. I have worked in Stratford and Banbury and all that time been aware of crossing the route of the SMJ repeatedly and in various places as I go about my life! I have done a bit of exploring of what's left of the line over the years and managed to acquire one or two relevant books. When I came across your SMJ site it filled in many gaps in my understanding. My particular interest is railway signalling and I have found signalling diagrams for many but not all of the key SMJ locations in books and on-line. I was born after the line closed and cannot claim any particular connection to it nor offer any new info but am happy to be part of keeping its memory alive! Best wishes,


At 20:15 on March 25, 2015, RogerHowes said…
Hi Peter,
I was born in Percy road WH. My father worked in the loco shed and was heavily involved in breakdown cranes. I am a Driver and fireman at the GCC and regularly travel out with Oliver Cromwell on the mainline with 5305La.
At 16:53 on March 1, 2015, David Guest said…

As a lad I used to stay with relatives in Blakesley

At 14:36 on February 17, 2015, Nick Meredith said…
Hello Peter,

I'm a member of the Leamington and Warwick Model Railway Society, which is based at Knightcote, not far north of Nirth End and Burton Dassert. I'm part of the N gauge group there who are currently planning our new layout, which is almost certain to be based on Kineton station.
At 20:28 on February 10, 2015, Dick Bodily said…

Culworth station, which incidentally was only about half a mile from Moreton Pinkney, wouldn't have existed when the E&WJR station opened at Morton Pinkney, the GCR was built much later.

At 9:48 on February 9, 2015, Rob Chilcott said…

Thank you Peter,

The view of the station is very useful.  I wish I could read the sign.

Have noticed Moreton is spelt without the e.  Gather it was "Morton Pinkney for Sulgrave".  Though I would have thought Culworth would have been nearer.


At 14:38 on February 8, 2015, Rob Chilcott said…

Hello Peter,

Thank you for your welcome.

The reason for signing up is that I have been asked to produce an oil painting of a Bayer -Peacock 2-4-0T with coaches going through Morton Pinkney.  I could do with some good photos and drawings to get the fine details I need.

All the best,


At 9:44 on January 21, 2015, Alan Brant said…


Look forward to some interesting browsing.


At 9:29 on January 21, 2015, Alan Brant said…


Though i moved away from Northampton in 1966. i have always had an interest in the SMJ - wondered about all the little railway lines and the mysterious wagon stores when being driven around the county by my father. In around 1965 two friends and I decided to try and 'cycle along the trackbed - started from Blisworth and got as far as Wappenham (As far as i can recall). I am afraid I will not be able to add anything to the knowledge of the line - not even any photos from that day. Alan

At 21:53 on January 5, 2015, Jean Cholerton said…

Sorry Peter, no photos.  In the excitement of watching it, we did n`t even think of the camera!  This was 1965 and the small digital camera was not about.  Wish it had been.


At 21:24 on January 5, 2015, Jean Cholerton said…

Hello Peter,

You would be most welcome any time at Little Haven.  

If you would like our phone number please ask.  

With regard to the SMJ we both remember watching the last train to pass through in 1965 as my mother-in-law to be had a property only 1/2 mile away.  We had a good view from the top window,  the train all lit up on the last journey west towards Bidford.   



At 11:38 on January 5, 2015, Jean Cholerton said…

Hello Peter, thank you for your welcome.

Thought you may be interested to know my husband Dave and I own 1/2 mile of the old SMJ line off the B439 between Cranhill Corner and Bidford which we have owned for 20 years.

This is our special world of wild flowers, trees, and wildlife. We have lived here for 47 years and you featured part of our wild flower area through Simon`s photos June 2014. There is a right of way over it and he rightly commented on the fact the walkway was in good condition. Glad he appreciated it. I will be giving a talk to the Temple Grafton W.I soon on the railway history and our contribution to it.

My husband is a G.W.R train spotter of 1950`s era and loves books, film etc., and occasionally collects a model steam engine -to look at only of course!   His father was a Goods Guard on the G.W.R. based in Stratford-upon-Avon and travelled extensively. (Later years on a passenger trains locally to Birmingham.)


P.S. With regard to Teresa Gates letter below, the old Binton Station site is now the subject of a planning application for 24 houses!!  The original Station building and engine shed are still intact, but the whole site is now under threat.

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