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4P 4-4-0 41000 owned by NRM but on SVR out of service and on display but has run in preservation. RAILTOUR visit to line

4MT 2-6-0 43106 ( formerly allocated to Woodford 2F) now on the SVR in service.

4F 0-6-0 43924 now on the KWVR undergoing restoration but has run in preservation.

4F 0-6-0 44123 now on Avon Valley Railway, Bristol undergoing restoration.

5MT 4-6-0 45379 now on the Mid Hants

8F 2-8-0 48305 ( formerly allocated to Northampton 2E) now on the GCR (currently under overhaul),where it was photographed.10654323663?profile=original

8F 2-8-0 48151 MAINLINE CERTIFIED! See SteamTube video of the reneactment of the 15 Guinea special. NB.PROBABLY A CASE OF A MISIDENTIFIED LOCOMOTIVE TO SAY THAT IT APPEARED ON THE SMJR SYSTEM on a demolition train. See the added comments below. But who knows?!!!



28xx 2-8-0 2874 now on WSR (?) last known as up for sale and is unrestored having never run in preservation.

28xx 2-8-0 3822 currently at Didcot and has run in preservation.

28xx 2-8-0 3845 currently at Swindon and Cricklade.

28xx 2-8-0 3862 currently at Northampton and Lamport.

"King" 4-6-0 6024 "King Edward II" has run along the remnant of the SMJ between Kineton Camp and Fenny Compton in recent times.

64xx 0-6-0PT 6435 now on B and WR and operational. RAILTOUR visit to line

"Manor" 4-6-0 7808 "Cookham Manor" now at Didcot but static has run in preservation.


"Modified Hall" 4-6-0 6989 "Whitewick Hall" at Quainton undergoing restoration has never run in preservation.

"Modified Hall" 4-6-0 7903 "Foremarke Hall" at G/WR, has run in preservation.

"Modified Hall" 4-6-0 7927 "Willington Hall" at Llangollen dismantled and forming basis of "new build" 6880 "Betton Grange".
Will never run as 7927 again so only tenuous survivor.


B12 4-6-0 61572 on the NNR ( where it was photographed) now running again in LNER green livery after overhaul. RAILTOUR visit to line



9F 2-10-0 92203 "Black Prince" currently active and at the Gloucester/Warwickshire Railway.


9F 2-10-0 92207 unrestored at Shillingstone Station. Still in scrapyard condition.Named "Morning Star" in 2007.

9F 2-10-0 92212 is running on the MHR in 2014.10654324265?profile=original

9F 2-10-0 92214 is currently running on GCR in 2014.


9F 2-10-0 92219 at MRC Butterly - unrestored with only cosmetic treatment. Still in scrapyard condition.

9F 2-10-0 92220 owned by the NRM 

9F 2-10-0 92240 at Bluebell Railway awaiting restoration.

9F 2-10-0 92245 currently at Barry

Diesel - TOPS codes used for class.

08 0-6-0 D3059 operational(?) Caledonian Railway

Gary ( 27/5/2010) updated May 2014



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  • The Great Central Railway's ex-SMJ 8F 48305, allocated at the time to Northampton and regularly seen between Blisworth and Byfield on ironstone trains and afternoon pick ups is due to return to steam soon, its return debut should be GCR's Winter Gala in January. This engine and also preserved ex-Woodford 43106 were the two preserved engines that often appeared on our line, although many others now preserved occasionally appeared including 92220 Evening Star.

  • Page updated to clarify various people's concerns re. 48151. Dick Bodily (3/9/14)

  • Tony

    I agree personally speaking, see my comment further down the list of comments. 48305 (several years at Northampton) and 43106 ( a longish spell at Woodford) are the only regular SMJR line engines in preservation. I think I'll add a note to webpage concerning 48151. As for 48131 it was allocated in the Crewe / Chester area at the time the track was lifted.


  • By the way, here is No 43924 back in action on the KWVR and very fine looks. Also, No 982240 has worked on the Bluebell but is awaiting oiverhaul. A good list here Gary - what an amazing variety of types.

  • 1490434921?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • I think the main engine used on the Olney-Towcester track-lifting was No 48754, but I was told that the 8Fs used were 1H engines (Northampton's then shed code).Coleman/Rajczonek depict 8754 in long grass near Horton in their book "Steam Railways in Colour Around Northamptonshire" on September 6 1964. A friend once said he saw a Northampton Black 5 on this work as well. Where was 48151 based at the time - I suppose anything's possible? She was once a Wellingborough engine (1955).

  • 48151 perhaps may not have ran on the SMJ. The evidence that it took part in track lifting operations on the Olney branch may be a case of the wrong number being recorded on the back of the photo at the time. It was never allocated anywhere near the SMJ but that doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't used on the operation.

  • Nice work Gary - can anyone add to it? Andy
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