‘The Stratford Upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway’ (or S.M.J.) was a small independent railway company which ran a line across the empty, untouched centre of England. It visited the counties of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and a little of Buckinghamshire, only existing as the SMJ from 1909 to 1923. In 1923 the S.M.J.became a minor arm of the London Midland and Scottish (L.M.S.), then in 1948 'British Railways' 

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2F WDs working to Bristol

In the 1950s/60s we had a regular working of a 2F Woodford Halse WD to Bristol. I was always intrigued by how they got there. Does anybody know if that was via the SMJR please?Continue

Started by Bob Bishop Oct 15.

Talk to Welford Local History Society

I live in Welford on Avon which now incorporates the former Binton Station with its recent housing development.The local history society is currently planning its 2022/23 programme of events and talks and would be keen to include a talk on the…Continue

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Broom Junction station site for sale 2 Replies

Great opportunity for an SMJ enthusiast perhaps.  I'm not sure what you could actually do with this site though!…Continue

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Salvaged track bolts 2 Replies

Does any know if the bridges were numbered? Similar to how the canals number thier's. Because a few weeks ago I was magnet fishing under the if I bridge behind the bellebaulk housing estate in Towcester and pulled out a number of chair bolts and I…Continue

Started by John Godwin. Last reply by Russ Firth Oct 3.

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Just sitting here looking at a picture (of an old postcard in a book) of Towcester and it is mentioning the dates of the lines opening and it got me wondering, What was the layout at Towcester before the lines to Banbury and Stratford were added? Does anyone know? There were some 6 years where it was the terminus from for the Blisworth line before the others arrived in 1872 & 1873 respectfully.

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Hi Gary

The best answer is to get a copy of R A Cooke's book on the Track Layout Diagrams of the Great Western Railway and Western Region - Part 29 - SMJR. This covers all the SMJ lines and not just the ones that came into the Western Region of BR later on.

I think that its distributed by Black Dwarf / Lightmoor Press these days, but might be out of print by now.

It includes a plan of Towcester in 1871, then for 1900, 1911, and 1957 with all sorts of notes and dates re: additions and closures. I have a feeling that an updated edition is due to be published some time, but it might still be around in some railway booksellers, and does turn up on Ebay etc.

Brilliant Barry,

Much obliged. I will go have a hunt for it.

No joy yet...



Good luck - I haven't seen a copy for a while. Think the last time was in one of the Ian Allan bookshops, maybe Birmingham.

Try to get a copy of the latest version though - it was originally done in the 70's with a spiral binding, but the reprint of the 1990's has quite a few more pages (therefore much updated) and stapled binding and glossy cover.

I can live in hope...

May have to see if the library have a copy in the meantime.

Cheers & have a great weekend


Hi again Gary

In case you're interested, I've just received one of my regular e-mails from a railway book dealer, and they have a copy of the first edition (1975) of the SMJ track plan book for £8 +p&p.

The Towcester section is a bit more extensive in the later edition, but if you want one for Xmas.........!

Have a look at www.batterdalebooks.co.uk and go into latest arrivals - it's there under R A Cooke etc



Much obliged Barry.




Try this site: http://www.old-maps.co.uk/maps.html

Enter the coordinates 468884 and 249416.

Select the 1:2,500 scale map for the 1860s.

Spend a very enjoyable few hors looking at other SMJ stations over time...


Cheers Simon.

I can see a goodly few hours spent looking on there...

My copy of the Track Plan book has arrived too! - Cheers Barry.

Happy Christmas all and here's to a great 2014!


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