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A note I own describing in detail the layout of Towcester station.
A hand-written note mentioning Morton Pinkney,
fencing and labouring
A document signed by Mr H Buckingham, signalman at Ettington showing weekly
Get to grip with all the SMJ's connections with this track plan (45kb)
SMJ bridge detail. (Excel spreadsheet 100kb)
Byfield ironstone quarries + notice of closure of Aston-le-walls
Signature of Byfields' station master Mr Trenfield (1923)
Daily banking of cash Byfield 1948.jpg Daily banking of cash slip - Byfield 1948
e and w enquiry 1899.jpg East & West Enquiry slip 1899
e and w schedule of wagons passing 1907.jpg East & West Schedule of wagons passing...1907
e and w statement of inaccuracies 1900.jpg East & West Statement of inaccuracies 1900
e and w way bill 1893.jpg East & West Way Bill 1893
internal corresondence LMS 1935.jpg Internal correspondence LMS 1935
LMS to station master Byfield 1923.jpg LMS to station Master, Byfield 1923
parcels delivered by LMS 1951 towcester.jpg Parcels delivered to Towcester 1951
parcels way bill morton pinkney 1895.jpg Parcels Way Bill, Morton Pinkney 1895
WWII 1942 Byfield arrangements in case of an emergency.jpg WWII 1942, Byfield Arrangements in case....
LMS SMJ 2.jpg An LMS WWII 'secret document'!

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