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  • Peter, belatedly réalisé I never responded to your ‘welcome’ comment, apologies. I have several links to the SMJ, having grown up not so far away at Newport Parnell. My grandfather, a railwayman like his father and grandfather, used the line to travel to Towcester races when I was a boy. Years later my parents bought a house at Tiffield and I regularly jogged along the trackbed towards Blisworth. Finally, as a longtime member of the LNWR Society I have an interest in any railway connecting with or crossing the Premier Line (even that Derby-based one with the horrible red engines!). Best wishes DALT.

  • Thank you.

  • Hello Peter

    I'm Moreton Pinkney born and bred.

    Dad was a Driver at Wooford.

    I was a Secondman at Cambridge and Banbury.

    A long time ago.


  • Hi Peter, I believe my grandfather (TF Brown) worked on the SmJ. He is on the WW1 poster now displayed on Stratford station. I was wondering if there any staff records available. I also live near Edge Hill and am interested in the branch line that took iron ore down the Hill to the Burton Dasset junction in the 1920s.


    Jim Brown

  • Peter, my interest started with the Newport Pagnell Branch line and extended to the Varsity Line, but of late I find it fascinating there was a Railway cutting across the local landscape which was blessed with a Station at Salcey Forest. So my interest really is local Railways but I find this one particularly interesting. I will be adding pics in due course!!

  • Peter,
    Yes my name is appropriate. I worked for the railways for 32 years. I used to say I was the only Porter to actually do some work!!
    Yes there is a connection, one of my Great Great Uncles, William White, was a "Labourer Railway" on the 1871 census, and was, along with 4 others doing the same job, lodgers with a family in Wappenham and were presumably building the line, which I believe, at the time, was called the Northampton and Banbury Junction Railway. I attach the census record that shows him and Samuel Cox, William Cox and George Reeves.
    I have recently purchased a couple of books on the line, but I'd be interested to know who they may have been working for and how long these jobs would have lasted.
  • None apart from an almost lifelong interest in railways and that I was born and live less than 5 miles from the line. Its a line that I have become more interested in in recent years.

  • Peter, I have received a suspicious mail from a David Hurley who may be using the site to promote his interests outside of SMJ use.
  • Hi Peter, the site is accessible for you to visit whenever you choose at the moment - please feel welcome to visit and take photographs.  If you would like to be met at the site by a member of our team to talk through our plans and timescales, we'd be more than happy to arrange this.  Please email me directly at kirsty.darcy@duchyhomes.co.uk if you would like to accept this invitation. Thanks. Kirsty

  • Hi Peter, I'm very well thanks although still not managed to make contact with any Binton railway workers - still trying! Hope you're well too.  If you can let me know the purpose of your visit and when you'd like to go, I can contact our site team and ask the question. The original station house is being retained. Kind regards, Kirsty

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